Four people in a bar, trying to get out of it. You’ve probably met some of them before. Nearly outrageous, mostly clever, always inventive. This award winning and ever popular show premiered in 2009 and is still touring. A confection of moves and movement to a soundtrack of garish music and nervous tension. Four outstanding performers dance their way into your hearts, minds and underwear!

Key Perfromances

First presented in the Dublin Fringe Festival 2009 to critical acclaim, the show continued to tour for 3 years, visiting the

  • Adelaide Fringe
  • American Dance Festival
  • Winchester Hat Fair and venues throughout Ireland and the U.K.
Where Did It All Go Right? image

What they say...

joyous dancing and sharp wit.. ★★★★★ - The Irish Times 
shows what an amazing storyteller the body can be – and with it, Ponydance drag contemporary dance into all the gaudiness of the now. - Irish Theatre Magazine
Come to think of it, I find it difficult to recall a moment that was not funny. As much as each character proved to be delightfully risky, it wasn’t enough. Time flies when you’re having fun and three quarters of an hour left a hunger in the belly for more. - 
Accessible to the core, Where did it all go right? is laugh-out-loud funny, filled with upbeat pop tunes and has feel-good stamped all over it.Kelly Apter, The Scotsman
It's a clever and highly kinetic comedy of manners...Donald Hutera, The List
Outstanding performers - check: banging soundtrack - check: innovation and quirk factor - check.Hannah Myers, Three Weeks
It is refreshing to see audience interaction executed so well. Virginia Kennard, The Skinny
ponydance drag contemporary dance into all the gaudiness of the now.Patrick Brennan, The Irish Theatre Magazine