In Straight to DVD, the fantastic ponydance hoof their way through words and dance, bringing you their interpretation of Saturday night television at its worst, ad breaks and all (except for the news because that’s depressing).

Key Performances

  • The Mac, Belfast
  • Dublin Fringe Festival
Straight to DVD image

What they say...

The ponydance brand is risky, kitsch and knowing. Only performers as technically proficient and personable as these could achieve such controlled clumsiness, while at the same time making clever social comment and challenging sexual stereotypes. Over the years, ponydance has established a strong rapport with its growing army of fans, to the extent that it feels free to break the rules of dance by actually chatting with them during the performance. It would take a sense of humour by-pass not to applaud this new show as a real winner...Jane Coyle, Belfast Telegraph
Bitchy and competitive, the four dancers clown together in comedy sketches, from synchronised swimming in paddling pools to a realtiy television dancing competition. Disasters about, but the comic pacing is spot-on so the slapstick never flags. Even set changes are choreographed with the kitschy humour and 1970s sit-com music. Dance, when it does break out, is executed with precision but always with an ease that leaves room for winks and nods to the belly-laughing audience.Michael Seaver, The Irish TImes
The production succeeded in both entertaining and exciting the audience with its charmingly quirky sense of playful clever comedy and incredible physically demanding dance routines. A show not to be missed!Orla McCreary, The
I can't wait for the day when someone comes along and just throws bags of money at ponydance and le's them come up with comedy gold unrestricted by means, because they're on to a real winner.David O'Shaughnessy,