Come see what happens when you take all the trademarks of a ponydance show (farce, irreverence, ridicule) and apply it liberally to the cast of Croi Glan (edge cutters, wheelchair users, good-time seekers).

Are you a failure or a success? How dangerous is your handbag? Mary has cerebral palsy, her right hand has a mind of its own, her legs might give way but she just loves music. William is using a wheelchair and is obsessed with health and safety; it’s his dream to be in charge. Of anything. Tara is so perfect she is next to God, in the most fragile way. Set in a timeless cafe, Elk and Saintly is a show with a compelling soundtrack and a hilarious depth that leaves every audience feeling strangely elated.

Key Performances

  • Dublin Fringe Festival
  • Skibbereen Arts Festival
Elk and Saintly image

What they say...

CroĆ­ Glan Integrated Dance Company are generous with their commissions and this collaboration with ponydance pays rich dividends. A deliberately slimline plot delivers full-fat laughs and a perfectly pitched amount of audience involvement. Cafe Vegas, we learn, can also transform lives, but stellar performances, particularly by Nugent, are what will draw customers back daily. Michael Seaver, Irish Times 21 Sept 2015