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Pony Panto 2014

It’s back for the third year in a row and already selling like hot cakes. We have our biggest and most stellar cast of dancers to date. Great Special Guests lined up this year including Sara Ski, Star Man, Paul Currie, Brian O’Connell, Rachael Lindsay and moooooooorrrrrrre.And almost more exciting than all our special guests […]

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2014 The year so far…

It’s been busy in ponyland, but here are the highlights: Janurary, we represented at the British Dance Edition in Scotland. April, we had a week’s workshop with legend Ira Seidenstein and then we went to Zimbabwe, performed at the Harare International Festival of the Arts wah! Yea we did and it rocked. May, we brought […]

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PonyPanto is well on it’s way to becoming an institution. It rocked this year, or last year rather. Magic happened and we had a singularly excellent line up of guests. In the Albany, London, we had the awesome hip hop dancer Daryl Baker, three great singers in Laurence Thackery, Peter Davoren and Christina Gill, the […]

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We are in Scotland

Breakfast in Glasgow, on our way to Stirling, where we feature in the THAT Festival, performing in the MacRobert Theatre. Also performing as part of Dance Live in Aberdeen in The Lemon Tree. I remember seeing Scottish Dance Theatre in that venue about 14 years ago and being inspired so delighted to be playing there.

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ponybois review

Four, white shower curtains, two either side of the stage. Behind each a sexy silhouettes gyrates to music. The curtains snap open to reveal four lads (sort of) dressed in high heels, black tights with diamond studded collars and fronts, the appropriately placed sparkles also covering their triangular decency. The Ponybois have arrived and what […]

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ponyboys at Axis

It’s official, ponydance’s first splinter group ponyboys will be taking up residency for two weeks at the lovely Axis Theatre in Ballymun. We are delighted! New show will preview there and then we do a run with the Dublin Fringe. Happy Days