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Earagail Arts Festival – New Commission

Earagail Arts Festival are delighted to commission the international, award-winning ponydance to produce a new work inspired by the stories, anecdotes and fabulous tales of the people of Inishowen, culminating in a performance in Malin Village on July 8th and 9th.

Come join Leoniepony in a two hour intensive workshop exploring ways of devising theatre, sharing stories and calming your inner critic. Be part of the making of this original show celebrating all that is great, comical, weird, wonderful and unique about Inishowen. No experience necessary, just bring pen and paper and be up for a good time!

Champions of comedy dance theatre since 2005, ponydance are one of the most toured, recognisable and acclaimed theatre companies in the country. Successfully marrying comedy, dance and theatre, they have won audiences, awards and critical acclaim locally and internationally.



So there is the blurb. I can’t wait to get stuck into this project. I spent 24 hours on Inishowen last week and by gosh, was it some laugh. It was a preliminary visit to get a feel for the place, to see what kind of show I’d make and what kind of groups I’d work with, but I got enough material from the lads in the bar, the woman running the B and B and the supervisor at the community centre to write a show already! Brilliant people. More about all of that again. And leave it there for the scenery.. I was driving around with my mouth open. Like I said, I can’t wait to get stuck into this project and make a new work to be performed in Malin on July 8th and 9th.


So if ya live in Inishowen and want to be in a show in Inishowen… show up to a workshop, we’ll workshop about work and shops and shows and shows in Inishowen. Earagail festival commissioned this project after the success of the show we made last year for the Belfast Festival (Idiom) which was inspired from lots of workshops with community groups.

So ye can all rest assured that I know what I’m doing – eh?!

I say ‘I’, I say ‘we’… well which is it I hear you ask?  It was a solo show, but it took loads of us to make it. Twill be the same in Inishowen.  But I’m also into the idea of having loads of Inishowen ones in the show in Inishowen. Get me?

Email to register your interest. Workshops will be in May and June. Craic will be mighty. That’s all I know so far…..(so far).

Email me on if ya want to know more about what we will be doing at workshops, I’ll come up with some answers. I love to hear from ye..

Leonie Pony

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