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Things what happened in 2015

02 feb

Another interesting year in ponyland. I can’t remember what happened in January, recovering from panto no doubt and February was quiet too. There was definitely a week spent in Cork working with Croi Glan, in fact there were many weeks over the year, spent in Cork with Croi Glan, praise be.

March, April, May were gloriously spent in ‘The Study’ in The Mac as Artist in Residence. Myself and Gareth Doran went about making TV chat shows, podcasts, recording interviews, filming stuff, in short we were ponyTV for three months. It was deceptively hard work and veered more towards producing and journalism. I am not hugely interested in journalism, but I did love figuring out how to be a TV Presenter. We recorded some shows, that will make the light of day at some point. Stay tuned… as they say in the biz, ponyTV will be rocking out again.

In August we returned to the wonderful DanceBase in Edinburgh as part of the fringe and had a brill week, there’s another post up about that trip.

September saw the premier of Elk and Saintly at Dubin Fringe, great times, challenging times. That show will hit the road again, to be figured out. Wrote about post about that too.That finished on Sept 18th, then Gareth and I dashed back up to Belfast for Culture Night on the 19th, that was epic! Lead thousands of people in a ‘flash mob’ – Shakedown in the Square. What an experience.

In October, we rocked Anybody Waitin’? out in the Abrons Arts Centre, New York, for one last time. That show is five years old now and featured original legendary cast members; Paula O’Reilly, Duane Watters and almost original cast member, Neil O’Brien. My good self was in there too of course. Irish Arts Centre were brilliant hosts, so were Abron Arts and thanks to the wonder that is Laurie Uprichard for making it all happen.

Then November and December were all about Pony Panto Number 4. We sold every last ticket for 8 nights in the Mac. Had another brilliant cast, but will write about that again.

Happy 2016 y’all

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