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New look

New look, 2011
New look, 2011

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Pony by numbers

In 2005 we had 1 show with 2 performances on 31square feet of lino in 1 town hall to a total audience of 53 and 1 picture in the paper, in 2006 we had 6 performances with an average audience of 8 and 1 pregnancy and 1 successful birth, in 2007 we had 9 performances in 4venues with an average audience increase of 120% and 1 more picture in the paper, in 2008 we did 4 performances, including 1 work in progress and made 1 dance film, in 2009 we spent 3gruelling weeks with a clown master got our 1st commission, made 1 work in progress, got 3award nominations and won 2, performed in 4 festivals, a total of 14 performances, 5 sold out shows and our first 5 star review and 3 pictures in the paper, in 2010 we had 2 shows 41performances at 8 different festivals and fitted 13 people and 1 ladder in a 7 seater car had 12pictures in the paper 1 media misrepresentation and 1 commission 6 reviews and a total of 26stars, in 2011 so far we performed to 2,000 people in the Olympia have delivered 20performances including one with 75 dancers in 1 stadium to an audience of 15,000

Kilkeny Review

After their amazing show Where Did It All Go Right? In Left Bank last year, ponydance returned to the streets of Kilkenny with their new show Anybody Waitin’? And this time they literally returned to the streets of Kilkenny with a lunch time show right in the centre of the city. They were my all time highlight of last years festival so I was highly anticipating their second consecutive run at Kilkenny Arts Festival. And why wouldn’t I? They’re just so much damn fun. The show has the loose structure of trying to find a man for Paula. Yup, that’s it. This involves a whole lot of comedy, fantastic dancing and the inevitable bursts of audience participation. It’s a 50 minute marvel that entertains relentlessly. Taking place yesterday on the Parade in the city centre, ponydance had no trouble attracting a crowd and it’s a mark of how skilled they are as performers that they had even less trouble getting a crowd involved. The collected audience went mad for the show and happily got involved in the various sequences and skits. Luckily, the increasingly unpredictable weather stayed onside for the entire 50 minute duration so there were no unwanted interruptions from the poxy rain. ponydance are the absolute epitome of a fun night out. Luckily for Kilkenny audiences, this week they’re also the epitome of a fun day out. Anybody Waitin’? plays a whole host of venues in Kilkenny this week at different times (I’ve been informed there’s a more risqué show to complement yesterdays more PG show, shall we say) so there’s no excuses for missing it. And to reiterate, it’s brilliant. You can catch it today at 1pm on Canal Walk (and also Saturday afternoon). It’s on Kieran Street this Wednesday and Sunday. It plays Cleeres on Saturday night at 10pm and Set Theatre on Sunday night at 9pm.
Get in there quick and don’t be left waiting.Kilkenny Arts Festival

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